5 Pro Marketing Strategies For Monetizing Esports Audience

E-sports as a genre is slowly gaining audience with time. A good example of an e-sporting platform is Skillz. This esports tournament platform connects more than 2.6 billion people worldwide. E-sports is slowly becoming an important part of a subculture and on a global level, thus making it a prospective industry in coming times. As a result several marketers are looking to invest in it to reap some profits. These marketers range from different brands across industries. Below are 5 different marketing strategies that can be employed in the E-sports medium.

  1. Sponsorships to eSports platforms/organizers.

While organizers will get financial help and support from your sponsorships, you will also be able to gain an extensive visibility for your brand. Your brand becomes known to the eSports audience and you may even get in direct contact with them. But for an even more successful campaign, you can choose to study the audience demographics to cater to their needs specifically. At the time of signing a sponsorship, define how you want the visibility of your brand/products on the eSports platform.

  1. Endorsements to eSports personalities.

Since the young generation relates better with YouTube content creators than celebrities, you can choose to endorse an eSports personality to reach out to his audience.

  1. Advertising on eSports platforms.

eSports platforms also sell space for advertising. You can buy and place your ads for reaching out to the users of the eSports platform.

  1. Live or in-stream advertising.

E-sports events are streamed on live streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Influencers in eSports also use such platforms to reach out to the audience. You can viably make use of such streaming opportunities to display your ads.

  1. Invest in event partnerships.

Make use of your product to partner with eSports events, it helps connect with the audience incredibly well.