3 Best Video Converters To Convert FLV To MP4

FLV or Adobe’s Flash Video and MP4 are two of the main formats that are used online as only these and few others can be embedded on websites. FLV is not as storage efficient as MP4 so here are some converters that will help you convert FLV to MP4

  1. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter Free is a very easy to operate and that is the greatest plus point of this converter. It works with FLV and with other formats too, like MPR, MPEG, MKY, WebM, AVI, etc.

You can also use videos from YouTube (so you can convert youtube to mp4) in this software – they too are FLV– and convert them to MP4. Its features allow you to crop the video and add subtitles to it.

  1. Wonder Share Free Video Converter

It deals with over a ton of formats including FLV. It also allows to edit, personalize and enhance videos and download from YouTube.

  1. Handbrake

Handbrake is a free to use software. It is available for Windows and Mac – so are the other two – and can convert a myriad of formats. Its output file is MP4 and this tool is ideal for this job with its simple interface.

Handbrake allows you to add different presets and to adjust audio and video parameters. It allows adding subtitles to videos and cropping them.

All of these converters can be used for converting FLV to MP4 and for other basic conversions but if you need a more advanced software and if you are willing to pay for the features then you can use paid software like Adobe Premiere.

These tools are safe to use but it is still recommended to do some research about the developer and read recent reviews to make sure that the software is free of malware.