Best Games One Can Play Today

Nominating the best computer games of all time can be tricky and at the same, it is really hard to do so. For every platform there has, there are many games that you can consider one of the best when it was released. From mainstream games down to games developed by indie companies, it is really hard to pinpoint games that can be considered greatest of all time. In games, there are also categories you have to consider. First Person Shooter, Role Playing Game, Real Time Strategy, these are just some of the categories to choose from. But for this article’s sake, we will try our very best in naming some of the best computer games of all time. The lists are subjective and can raise eye brow for some. 

The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt. It will lure you to hundreds of gaming hours. It is by far the most engaging RPG game that one can play today. Not to mention the Downloadable Content it has after you are done with the main game, The Witcher 3 takes you to beautifully crafted world to explore aside from playing its main mission. Now, on to the Real Time Strategy Game, the Age of Empires. This game lets you take control of a civilization while having fun and learning a thing or two about its origin. Alongside with is the Half-Life series. First Person Shooter will never be the same without Half-Life. It’s a fast paced and deep story that players will surely be engaged.

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