Brawl Stars: Countering Invisible Leon

Brawl Stars, a game that is enjoyed by many despite of its cartoonish appearance, has catapulted to new heights after gaining its popular ground due to its wide variety of game modes available. Aside from that, Brawl Star is a free game and it’s available to iOS and Android platforms. It features 26 character including 1 new Brawler named “Rosa”. The characters are divided into 4 categories. Each category has its own set of strengths, weaknesses and skills. Most noticeable of them all is Leon.

Leon is the last character on the list of unlockable brawler in-game. A legendary type of character who despite having a low health, it is compensated by his unique skill and deadly damage per second when you get too close. Leon’s movement is considered the fastest among all brawlers. So, how do you counter Leon without getting killed in the battle? Well, it depends entirely on the situation given on a particular map. High chances for players to score a point against Leon character is using brawler who has a high damage per second output. These characters that have a high chance are Shelly, Darryl and Piper.

Shelly has the fastest fire-rate among the three. Although reloading her shotgun can be quite annoying and one of the slowest as well, it’s best to stay away from Leon until Shelly’s super is ready to fire. Darryl on the other hand has also a rapid-fire rate and has a quick getaway move. Piper has the highest damage of all but has a very low health. Her skill is good for evasion and leaving bombs for damage in the process.

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