Have Fun On The Internet With These Browser Based Online Multiplayer Games

Who thought you can play browser-based games that are not flash games? In the past 5 years, the people of the internet came up and develop browser-based games that are accessible anywhere. You don’t need to install anything, you just need your browser and an internet connection to access the game. Isn’t it easy? It is better to stop playing your local bola 88 game right now and start having more fun with the browser-based games listed below:


Agar.io is a fun game that is based on how organisms survive. You will start off with a very small circle, to become bigger you need to eat circles that have the same size as you and those smaller ones. The challenge of this game is to become the biggest organism in the game. There is a graph shown in the game where the biggest players are listed and ranked.

War Brokers

A FPS game in a browser? No problem. War brokers is an open beta FPS game. The game has the usual missions of the genre such as death match and team battles. This game has a lot of different guns and equipment for you to use. On the start, you will have a pistol and rifle then other guns will be unlocked over time. You can find helicopters and tanks in the maps as well. As simple as this is, the developers made it look like the typical FPS game but in your browser.

Town of Salem

The town of Salem is a role-playing browser game. The objective of the game is to deceive other players to blame the other person of the crimes you did. The game will randomize players on their specific roles, such as townsperson, the mafia, and the neutrals. Each role has unique abilities you can use to find the real culprit of the mystery of the crime.