How Do Wbs & Gantt Chart Differ From Each Other?

The most important part of a project is the planning of it. Charts help you be organised with your project management. WBS and Gantt charts are one of the mainstream project management tools. They help you to finish all your projects in estimated time period with consistency. The WBS and Gantt charts work with same data yet there are some stark differences between them.

Here are some major differences that can be pointed out between WBS and Gantt Chart.

  • Firstly, as the name suggests, WBS stands for Work Breakdown Structure. It is basically a logical structure viewing of how the work can be organised. Gantt chart, on the other hand is a graphical representation of the work. It not only helps to plan and coordinate the work but also keeps a track of it.
  • Secondly, the major difference between the two is the timeline. WBS breaks down a project into smaller works in an order of how the work will function, without a timeline. On the other hand, the Gantt chart includes the timeline of how and when each work should be completed, as per the functionality. You can get Gantt chart generators for free to make your job easier.

  • Thirdly, WBS chart enables you to break down your work and lets you focus on each and every aspect of the project. It will help you to decompose your work, allow you to view your objectives and will help you figure out what can be delivered. Unlike the Work Breakdown Structure chart, Gantt chart manages work and creates a project schedule. It will give you an estimated time for your entire project in details. This way, you can not only keep up with your work track but also be consistent with completing your projects within estimated time limit.