How To Produce A Lyric Video For Youtube

For most people, music plays an important part of their lives. And sharing the music they love to friends and family give them a sense of purpose and appreciation. Before, people used to share music through physical copies such as cassette tapes, CD’s, and vinyl records. When internet was born, people find new ways to share music easier and more seamlessly.

YouTube and music sharing

The most popular platform for sharing music nowadays is YouTube due to it being free for both the viewer and the creator as long as there’s internet connection. Initially, people relied on professionally produced music videos from artists for choices of music they can share through their social media. However, this limits the choices of songs a person can share since artists does not make music videos for all their songs.

The rise of lyric videos

This is where lyric videos come in. The internet community has found a way to share music from their favorite artists regardless if there’s an official music video for it. By importing songs over a static background, and including lyrics of the song in the video timed through the song’s progression, people are able to share music they love and its lyrics in a more accessible way.

Ways to make lyric videos at home

Initially, people would avail services from a professional lyric video creator program to make their own lyric videos. But with advances in program development, there are now easier ways to make an own lyric video without having to shell out for services or video-editing programs.

One can easily import the song over the pre-installed movie-maker program in their computers, add in a static background (commonly just solid colors), then just add in lyrics of the song and timing it as the song plays and progresses.

Once rendered and done, you can easily upload the final video in YouTube for sharing purposes. No need to worry about video formats as YouTube accepts an extensive file format consideration.