In-Game Fortnite Battle Royale Events- Top 5 You Need To Know

Dynamic in-game event is one of the most unique things that was introduced by Fortnite Battle Royale in the online gaming world, starting from season 3, Epic games have established new lore in the games. And these have grown to be more intricate than ever. There have also been various instances of Fortnite cheat where Epic games had to investigate some players who teamed up with others and sacrificed the integrity of the game.

Here are the top 5 we shortlisted among the other iconic events.


Marshmallow Concert:

The popular EDM DJ Marshmallow hosted a concert in Pleasant Park in collaboration with Bastille band where he played Alone, Happier and Everyday which are some of his biggest hits. This was the first ever virtual concert that had about 10.7 million players and so we can assume the excitement of the audience’s present!

Rocket Launch:

The rocket that was found in Villain’s lair was launched in the massive Fortnite sky which also created many giant cracks in heavens. It marked the starting of a period of change as things started disappearing and the cracks produced Kevin the cube. Because the players ruined each other’s viewing experience with the weapons of launch, this event holds the second position in this list.

Butterfly event:

Next in the row comes the butterfly event, where the players were sent off into a mysterious place after Kevin melted itself in the Loot lake and turned it purple. It emitted white light and exploded after that, and later players were introduced to glass butterflies, and the Leaky lake location replaced the older one.

Volcano eruption and Nexus unvaulting event:

The most recent event was the eruption of the volcano that destroyed two major locations on the map, Tilted towers and Retail row. This event enabled players to vote for one of the six weapons to be brought back into the game, and the drum gun was chosen after that. 

Ice storm event:

This event gave out the formidable Ice King who covered the whole map in ice creating visual dynamics for the game. He appeared in season 7 when the ice sphere above the polar peak finally burst. The reason why this event is not ranked higher is the limited visibility due to the mist and the ice Legion zombies that sprawled everywhere.

These were the top 5 intriguing and most ranked events out of all the others, and you cannot agree more.