Looking For IT Support? 5 Questions You Should Ask

Are you looking for a reliable IT support service for your business? With data security threats on rise, it’s mandatory for every business to have strong IT support in place. But before you sign up with an IT company, it’s important to take a market survey on at least 5-6 reputed names. There are some questions that you must ask them for a solid comparison study to find the most compatible one for you.

  • Are you flexible to provide references?

A trusted IT company will not have any qualms in sharing references of its previous customers with you. But, if a company seems hesitant to share the needed details, consider a red flag.

  • What types of support do you provide?

Your chosen IT company should allow you to choose from varied types of support so that you can choose a one- just as per your needs and budget. These are:

Break-fix support-It can carry an hourly charge or a fixed-price chart. You will need it in times of sudden emergencies that will call for immediate fixes.

Pay-as-you-go support– It will enable you to choose rates and services as per your current needs.

Managed IT service support-If you need a comprehensive IT support from the IT company so that your systems can stay under constant monitoring, the managed service will be the best option for you. It will also include preventive maintenance services.

  • Do you offer guarantee on response time?

You may think i thought about this but people usually forget to ask about it. Companies that are ready to offer a solid guarantee on response time, usually stick to that guarantee to live up to its reputation.

  • What are supported in your contract?

Your chosen IT support company should offer you a detailed list of inclusions in its IT support to ensure a fair and transparent service.

  • Are you available 24/7?

Best IT support companies are usually available 24/7 to cater to unforeseen emergencies at odd hours.