Pro Training Tips For Soccer Specific Body Conditioning

Strength and body conditioning programs in soccer are usually limited to pro athletes. But what many don’t understand is that these training programs should be extended at the youth level as well. Are you a coach endowed with the responsibility to groom a young team of little soccer stars? Well, then, you must include strength & body conditioning programs in your training schedule.

Endurance training

A soccer game demands the players to travel up till 8 miles over its 90-minute session. Thus, a soccer player needs to develop super-powerful endurance to deliver that high level of stamina and performance. To build high endurance in your players, interval training is a must. It involves both low and high levels of intense activity in varied durations.

Strength training

A soccer player must be perfectly fit on the field and for that he should be in optimum strength. Thus, soccer training sessions should involve specific exercises that help to boost the strength levels. These include most the effective compound exercises such as dips, push-ups, step-ups, squats, lunges and chin-ups.  Make sure to include workouts that can help to balance strength of opposite muscle groups.

Speed training

The speed training schedule in soccer must involve exercises like power cleans, high pulls, jump squats as well as push presses. Besides, do not forget plyometric drills.

Flexibility training

Stretching is really important to enhance flexibility of your players. You should include a 15-20 minutes stretching session both before and after your training schedules.

Soccer-specific conditioning also involves mind conditioning. The game is not just about how good you dribble but also about how strategically you bypass the defenders on field. Thus, as a coach, you should also include mind training sessions in your soccer training programs. You can make them play games like PokerQQ that helps to hone up strategic thinking and concentration levels.