The Ultimate Guide To Visibility On Instagram

From a mundane symbol to an online sensation, today, the encompassing existence of the #hashtag is inescapable. But what is a hashtag ? A hashtag is the hash symbol(#) followed by a keyword or phrase written within a post to facilitate a search for it. If you’re a business looking to expand your audience and gain popularity, hashtags can prove to be just what you need. The key to using hashtags is to keep them short, simple and catchy.

To make the most of this wonderful feature on Instagram, your business should focus on the following three families of hashtags :

  • Content Hashtags

Use keywords directly related to your brand and product/service. You can also use industry specific or general keywords. This will expose your brand to potential customers who don’t follow you. For instance: If you’re a company making chocolates, simple hashtags like #chocolate, #minichocolates and #darkchocolates can be useful to kick-start your journey towards visibility.

  • Trending Hashtags

Another way to get visibility is to make use of the existing popular hashtags. These are the hashtags which already have millions of people following them. If your post is informational, unique, funny or viral, it can get re-shared and eventually lead to brand awareness. Remember trending hashtags are trending for a reason. They are witty and eventful, make sure to contribute to these factors to set your post apart from the thousands of other posts.

  • Brand Specific Hashtags

Once your business gets the hang of the usage of a hashtag, it makes sense to move to brand specific keywords. This helps your post to stay afloat as it has a limited number of posts dedicated to it. Thus, it is suggested to make your own brand specific hashtag which can be further used for event promotions, advertisements, contests and other campaigns.

Finding the right hashtags takes time and research. But with a well-formed strategy of hashtags and likes, you can drive real conversions and closing sales. While usage of the correct hashtag may take some time and practice, getting cheap Instagram likes doesn’t. Click here to get more likes and take your business a step forward!