Top Fantasy Card Games To Play On Your Phone

There are lots of games to play in the App Store and Play Store. Different genres, different stories, and different mechanics. Unfortunately, there are some games being overshadowed because of some big-name games. For example, a game that was formerly available on PC or console was also released on Android and iOS, people tend to hype those games and overlook some great games.

If you’re looking for new fantasy card games to play on your mobile phone, check this list of some great games you can try out.

  1. Hearthstone

This game is one of the most popular fantasy card game, and the list would surely be incomplete without this game. It has multiple game modes like single player and different multiplayer game modes designed perfectly by Blizzard to keep you playing for hours. It is available in both iOS and Android, and it also offers in-app purchases.


  1. Meteorfall: Journey

Meteorfall is a great game for those who prefer solo adventure type of games. Basically, the plot of the game revolves around how you will strategize to keep the world from being smashed by a meteor. It is indeed a short game, so it is advisable for people who only want to play with only a short amount of time.


  1. Card Quest

One of the unique selling points of this game with the other games in the list is the digital-first colors which makes it somehow different and brings back a retro-vibe since card games are classic. The game doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, but it is really great even without it. It is surely a great and adventurous card game that is now available in both Android and iOS.

These are just some of the best fantasy card games, and there are still so many games people are yet to discover. These games truly make Judi online games no match for them. Whether you’re free to play or a premium account player, you would love any of these games easily.