Ways To Improve Your App Store Rank

All apps in the app store are not ranked randomly. Developers have a few tricks up their sleeve to make sure that their apps are ranked higher in the app store. Don’t know how to do that? Well, we got you. These are the ways to improve your App store rank.

Know your keywords

Knowing keywords related to your app will definitely help you get a higher rank. To do this effectively, you have to brainstorm for the right words. Think about all the terms that can be used to describe your app. Think about all the words that you can think of that will help describe your app. Collect all the keywords that you are able to think of and evaluate through the use of an online tool to determine if the words are relevant or not.

Know your target audience

Creating an app is not just for the sake of creating it. You have to have a target audience in mind so you will know who to sell your app. You must identify a certain demographic on who you think the app will sell to. Who are the people who should be using your app? Parents? Kids? Teenagers? Moreover, through this, you will also know who your competitions are, and you will know how to market your app properly. Thus, getting it rank higher on the app store.

Set your app apart because of your icon

Last but definitely not the least, choose a unique icon. Icons are considered to be the first impression for your app, and we all know that first impression last. This is what people will see first when browsing through thousands of similar apps and this will definitely make them want to download it. OF course, alongside the icon, you must also put a lot of thought into your app name. Both should represent properly what the app is all about.