Word Vs. Pdf- Which One Will You Choose?

Word and PDF both are undoubtedly highly popular and widely-acclaimed document formats. Both come with unique USPs that make them inevitable for certain tasks. So, when you are in a dilemma on which one to choose, you have to consider two sets of things. One is their unique features and another is your particular task. Here is a brief on the different situations where Word and PDF would be individually effective.


  • Easy editing

If you are sure that your content will need frequent editing, then Word will be the most suitable option for you. You won’t have such facility with PDF documents as these don’t allow easy editing.

  • Word Processing

Word is basically a renowned word processor but Adobe (for PDF) is not. Thus, when you have to compose written documents like memos, business letters- Word is always a much smarter option. Microsoft Word also extends various options for optimum content processing like spell-check, grammar-check and so on.

  • Reuse of images

Word documents assure convenient extraction as well as reuse of images. But, you don’t have such facilities PDF ones.


  • File exchange

One of the best advantages of PDF files is that they assure complete uniformity in document layout when these files are sent to or opened in other systems. You don’t have such a facility with Word documents.

  • Multi-dimensional format

PDF accommodates a versatile range of media contents in its file. Not only you can include Word documents here- but you can also embed vector graphics, Excel spreadsheets and also images.

  • Reduced file size

If you are worried of less space in your hard disk and want a file format that would take less space in your computer, PDF is the option for you. It’s because it can compress file size but without tampering with the original data quality. For example, say you have a TIFF file that’s taking up a huge space. You can easily convert tiff to pdf multiple pages to save space.